Tell us how you have tailored your business during this time to help survive?
During these unprecedented times we, like most businesses around the globe, have been affected by COVID-19, as our salon partners have been forced to close their doors. This meant adapting to changes quickly and thinking creatively in order to give our customers added value where we could and reward them for their loyalty. We shifted our focus to our online store, providing complimentary samples with all orders and dispatching in a timely manner to ensure that our customers were left satisfied with their experience. 

Our social media platforms are our main focus. We concentrated on creating content that was informative, interesting and useful to our audience. We were incredibly encouraged with the overwhelming engagement and response
we saw. 

Victoria Curtis says that keeping on top of your social media channels will help salons through this period.

Has online sales and consultations been a big drive?
Most definitely. Online sales have been incredible and we offered our advice and services online to anyone who contacted us. I personally spoke with clients via Zoom, Instagram and email and enjoyed hearing the wonderful feedback
and experiences that clients have had with our products. It provided me with an insight into their needs during this time and has been a source of inspiration for future projects and launches.

You opened your new academy earlier this year – what effect has this pandemic had on this?
Yes, sadly we were forced to close our doors, however this was a necessary step to flatten the curve and I am so proud of our country for doing this so successfully so that we can return to normal as soon as possible. Our students were unable to attend our academy on site, however we continued with their courses via Zoom and online study. This has worked incredibly well for us and potentially opened up the door for running courses online to students across Australia. I always try to draw a positive from every negative situation and in this case I am excited by the prospect of this opportunity.

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