Find out why Dr Asha Ram, from Sanctum Medical Aesthetics, is ‘in awe of skin’.

1. Inspiration leading you to medical aesthetics …

Like many new medical graduates, I had a strong drive to work with the most disadvantaged in our community. My first five years after leaving the hospital training environment included working with chronic drug addiction, the long term unemployed, advanced dementia patients and being the visiting doctor to the female prison. I developed a particular interest in empowering women to make good strong decisions about their own health and well-being. At this time lasers were entering the aesthetic market and my true love of biophysics lead me to start laser medicine with a colleague in a joint venture that saw the practice grow to include a suite of dermatological lasers, micro and macro sclerotherapy and then toxins, dermal fillers and science-based skin treatments.

2. What did you choose Ultraceuticals and UltraMD as your brands of choice?

Both Ultraceuticals and UltraMD are science based ranges, with measurable active ingredients proven to historically improve skin quality, and allow stepwise progression as skin improves and changes over time. It is important to me that it is Australian research and investment behind the range as our environmental conditions are unique. I have known Dr Geoffrey Heber for over two decades and he has worked tirelessly to research and deliver cosmetically highly acceptable, skin transforming skincare at a price point that is generally affordable.

3. Key lessons learnt in 20 years …

There is no doubt that over more than two decades treating ageing skin, the biggest lesson learnt is
it’s easier to prevent or practice early intervention for a problem than neglect your skin and then expect miracles later in life.

4. Best part of your job?

I love walking into the calm, professional and beautiful cocooning environment we have created in our physical premises. The welcoming Sanctum team present themselves as a wonderful group of outstanding individuals who each bring a unique contribution to our service and workplace. Then there is the daily joy of the privilege of sharing each person’s concerns about their appearance whether this is due to aging, genetics or disease. I like to think that my patients feel safe, heard and valued in every consultation. I know that they rely on my knowledge and experience to bring them safe, reliable, effective and affordable science-based products, technologies and procedures.

5. Intelligent ageing – what is it?

So much that is both good and bad has been written about ageing. Ageing means living to me so it’s a positive, not a negative. Life is a privilege after all. Changes in our body are inevitable and it seems simply intelligent to me to look after your skin – it is after all your largest organ, is living and faces incredibly tough conditions each day. I’m in awe of skin. Could we actually invent a membrane that holds our other organs in, manufactures vitamin, protects, defends, repairs, stretches, heals, contracts, feels and senses pressure and temperature? It’s truly magical. Intelligent ageing means using products containing the best current science to protect skin in a heathy state so that it can continue to fulfil all its functions as we extend lifespans. Healthy skin looks fresher and more youthful. Sanctum aims to combine both artistic aesthetics and scientific advances to keep living skin healthy and refreshed.

6. Quotes – one of your favourites?

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the process is its own reward.” Amelia Earhart

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