Tell us what major adjustments you have made to your business going forward to remain competitive in the market during this crisis?
Working alongside the guidelines we have implemented a safety plan which ensures our team and clients feel safe and confident in our clinic environment. Including hand sanitising stations, temperature checks on arrival, COVID health checks, disposables and PPE gear, we strive at all times to uphold the highest level of hygiene within the clinic, these changes have been added in addition to our withstanding protocols.  And of course, team morale has been a big focus for me as a leader, ensuring constant open lines of communication within the team via Zoom sessions to connect, and fun Friday night online get-togethers has meant we have all stayed connected and we were all ready to step back into work energised, enthusiastic and to continue with our clients skin journeys. 

During our closure period we have stayed actively in touch with our clients via social media, email campaigns and providing them online skin checks, also ways in which they can relax and unwind during these uncertain times in the comfort of their own homes, essentially looking after not only their skin health but their overall wellbeing. We are so grateful to have a loyal and committed client base, which has meant that upon our return it has been business as usual.

Natalie says the future is bright.

What impact has the pandemic had on your business?
The pandemic has had both positive and negative impacts on our business. With little-to-no warning the biggest impact on our business has been financial, with the sudden closure of our doors came an instant loss of income with accounts outstanding along with bills still accumulating during the closure period. 

Alongside this challenge, we have experienced growth and diversity with the way the business functions, it has given us time to digitally convert our systems to efficiently run paperless and build our online team portal which has been a goal of mine for many years. 

By far the greatest impact we have seen through the pandemic is client’s loyalty and camaraderie. There is a huge level of comfort and strength that is found in our dedicated Euphoria Skin following and community.

What is the forecast for the future of your business? 
Our businesses prospect is BRIGHT! We are determined to further grow and evolve our business to thrive within the current climate. 

We are finessing our business model to work smarter and not harder, by initially reducing our trading hours and treatment menu this enables us to service our clients to the level they expect from us whilst rebuilding our cash reserves.

What is the biggest strength you have discovered during these challenging times?
The biggest strength without a doubt has been my dedicated team and our wonderful clients. 
The level of professionalism, adaptability, and resilience my team has shown through this time has left me so humbled and proud. Our clients have always been so loyal through our years in business. Upon our return to the clinic we had an abundance of clients eagerly wanting to be put on our waiting list and book in their long-awaited treatments.

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