It appears beauty salons and other beauty businesses in New South Wales regions under lockdown will be barred from operating until at least the end of August 2021. So… what does the beauty landscape in NSW look like after eight weeks fully closed, following a 15 months of intermittent closures and restrictions during the 2020 pandemic?

We want to hear from YOU. We want to tell your story. In fact, we need to.


We’re starting the #aussiebeautyheroes series.

Beauty business owners and industry operators, we want to hear from YOU, the #aussiebeautyheroes who are trying to make it work right now, particularly in locked down areas, or places that have suffered repeat or prolonged closures due to the pandemic.

We want to know if you’re surviving or thriving. We want to know if you’ve had to close for good. We want and need to hear the good and bad to create a diverse, human picture of our multi-billion-dollar industry, one that employees tens of thousands and contributes hugely to local economies and the social fabric everywhere.

How can you share your story with us?

DM us on Instagram, message us on LinkedIn or Facebook or email us at info@professionalbeauty.com.au by 31 August 2021.

Share up to 1,000 words, send an image you’d like us to use and your name, title, company and a link to your business and we will add it to our #aussiebeautyheroes series online.

All of you, any of you. No matter how big or small your business. Sole operator or multi-million-dollar business, get in touch.

With NSW’s 2021 lockdown headed into four more weeks, we need to raise the voice of the people in this industry, to put a face to it and let the world know that we’re not a monolith but real people running small businesses.

What comes next?

We start publishing and sharing the stories of #aussiebeautyheroes on our site and social media in the next week

Where did our inspiration come from for this series?

Simple. The unparalleled work of the British Beauty Council. They’re working hard to revive revive the UK beauty industry with their campaigns, including their amazing, impactful #localbeautyheroes, #bringbackbeauty, #beautyonthebrink, #ohhellobeauty campaigns. They are setting the tone for the industry’s resurgence around the global coming out of this pandemic.

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