Dermalogica is a company where the relationship with our customers is of paramount importance. How we support and care for our customers is at the forefront of everything we do; our goal is to make them successful. 

Because our skin is the largest living organ of the body, it is very much in tune with our environment. It has unique needs where these needs are constantly changing. It’s for this reason that to achieve the healthiest skin possible, your skincare needs to be personalised and adaptive. 

We believe no two skins are alike, nor is one’s own skin the same from week to week, sometimes day to day depending on one’s environmental lifestyle factors. Dermalogica therefore is a prescriptive product offering with the ability to address ever-changing and individual skin concerns. Dermalogica’s product offering ensures that for every client that frequents the business that there is a treatment solution for them. There is no need to cherry pick from line to line or the need to purchase from other locations. With Dermalogica, there are no gaps and equally importantly, the products contain the latest innovations ensuring you can achieve the results from the latest technology your customers are seeking. 

Emma Hobson believes a client’s needs need to be firmly established and understood by the therapist.

Our Face Mapping Skin Analysis is a fantastic analysis technique that’s engaging and informative. It reviews various aspects of your skin (both skin type and current skin condition), and it links this with your current environmental and lifestyle issues such as pollution, UV damage and stress which for example may be the trigger for current breakouts or other skin concerns on the skin. Face Mapping works by dividing the face into zones where each zone or area of the face is reviewed using sight and importantly touch to analyse the individual facial landscape. We recommend that due to the fluctuations in one’s skin health, that Face Mapping be conducted every few months, ideally with the change of seasons or any time you notice changes in your skin. Face Mapping dramatically enhances not only the effectiveness of a skin treatment, allowing you to create a bespoke, tailored treatment plan to ensure you are addressing your client’s immediate skin needs, but it also ensures an accurate and bespoke home care regimen that fulfils a person’s individual needs. 

Dermalogica’s Pro Skin Treatments are professionally hand-crafted treatments tailored specifically for the customer. These treatments allow the professional skin therapist to personalise the experience for their customer’s very individual needs; a treatment built around their unique lifestyles, schedules and skin concerns. It’s a multi- layered approach to a skin treatment experience. This bespoke modular treatment approach ensures this is one treatment that is different every time. Each and every one of our clients is different and has their own lifestyle and budget. Not only do we customise our professional products, but we have the power to customise each module (or step) of the treatment. 

Dermalogica is a brand built on a foundation of education, not just education for our professional skin therapists but education for all consumers. Education, we believe, is the cornerstone to personal and business confidence and success.

This article first appeared in the November/December issue of Professional Beauty magazine. Download the issue here.

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