QUESTION: What advice would you share with female rising stars of the Australian aesthetics industry? Include a favourite quote that best describes your philosophy.

LEARNING: Follow your passion. Be flexible. Be kind.

Emma said it was important to find your niche market, an area that you love and were passionate about, and to continue to educate and train yourself in that area.

Tina said to never, ever, ever, give up.

Mandy said it was crucial to always make changes and to choose wisely who you worked with.

Sonya said a successful woman was only successful if she had a tribe of women who had her back.

Yvette said it was important to never say never, as even the grandest plans could change at the last minute.

Tina said she liked the quotes: ‘The man who never made a mistake never made anything’, and ‘Always be nice on the way up because you’re going to meet them on the way down’.

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