Question: The availability of constant skincare treatments from lasers to peels and needling, coupled with consumers concocting their own routines at home with powerful ingredients like retinol, can invite the risk of clients overdoing it and harming their skin. Do you think we will see a backlash against overworking the skin in future, and clients opting for fewer skincare solutions?

Learning : The two key pillars are education and consultation ,that should always be considered. 

Emma Worgan said  there had  been a rise in cases of barrier disorders happening on the skin.

“We’ve had a big epidemic of over-exfoliation, overworking the skin over the last 10 to 15 years,” she said.

Rebecca Miller said we were evolving as skin therapists.

“Skin biology doesn’t  change – it’s our understanding of it,” she said.

Natalie Arakelian said barrier repair therapy was something  we talked about more often now.

“The therapists are educated and the skin care companies are improving their formulations,” she said.

Joanne Healey said with social media, clients think they’re experts in the industry.

“But it’s all about education,” she said.

“We’ve been speaking and preaching that for a very long time.”

Daniel Dickson said there were more tools available to challenge the skin. “It’s knowing when to challenge the skin,” he said.  “When you challenge a skin that’s compromised, you are only going to end in inflammation.”

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