QUESTION: Should professional product makers decide which side of the professional the consumer fence to play on? Discuss the value of being an exclusive professional partner and how private label and building a salon’s own brand is now a viable alternative.

LEARNING: Your brand is your best asset. Take care of it wisely and choose suppliers who share similar values.

Donna said Dermatonics had just switched to being on the professional side, and were now a clinic- exclusive brand, which all of her clients appreciated.

Kristie said Dermalogica were happy to follow the therapist wherever she or he may go on their journey, and it was important to support them in all areas and not limit them to where they could work with the brand.

Gay said everything should be about your clinic or salon’s name and you had to focus on building your own brand name.

Sally said as a business owner it was important not only that she identified with her brand, but any other brands that she worked with, that they had great integrity.

Kim said private labelling had a massive benefit for well-established clinics and salons as nobody knew your client base and needs better than you did as a salon owner.

Helen said she didn’t stock brands that sold online as clients would coming to her for her expertise and knowledge, but then hop online and purchase the products at a fraction of the price that she was able to do it.

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