QUESTION: Which of the following topics should salons prioritise as their number one focus for training in 2018 and why?
 Marketing (including digital + social)
 Retail
 Regulations
 Product training
 Technology

LEARNING: All of these are important, as well as customer care. Education and training needs to build confidence, so every task is done at a level that delivers the best outcome.

Otto said marketing was a huge factor, while Maree said it was a combination of marketing, retail, regulations, product training and technology.

Mariza said she has always focused on technology, while Belinda said she had a very strong retail floor.

Tracy said the core of the beauty trade was client care, while Lydia you had to really listen and relate to every individual customer.

Linda said connecting with the client was paramount while Maria said it was crucial to identify the business’ core values and stick to them.

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