GUEST QUESTION – from Dianne Miles at CIDESCO: Are registered training organisations negatively affected by an increased number of suppliers offering their own workshops (e.g. lash grafting, spa product training, nail treatments)?

LEARNING: The beauty industry doesn’t stand still, whether it’s techniques or product development. Trends will continue to drive new training techniques via a variety of sources that are impacted by technology.

Lydia said suppliers or manufacturers needed to keep in mind what the industry needed, while Otto said the relationship between the product suppliers and the students was very important.

Tracy said the teachers had to be current because they were the ones supplying and delivering knowledge and skills to students, while Mariza said you had to consider budgets and time.

Linda said rural salons struggled to get to the training that was often held in metropolitan cities while Maria warned of the dangers of online training in an industry that required hands-on experience.

Maree said a registered training body wasn’t going to put funding behind something that might be quite transient, while Belinda said colleges and TAFEs provided a nice foundation, but the suppliers could go into colleges and say, ‘Hey, your learning will not stop here.’

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