GUEST QUESTION – courtesy of Jay Chapman at ZING Business Coaching: There is a profound difference between ‘competent’ and ‘confident’ once a therapist has completed their diploma. How much real learning falls outside of formal qualifications?

LEARNING: There’s no substitute for experience. Energy, time and money need to be invested wisely for training of therapists, from juniors right through to managerial staff to continually bridge the gap between competence and confidence.

Tracy said it depended on the training organisation, while Maree said competent was what you were when you graduated, but confident was an accumulation of all the knowledge that you gained after that.

Maria said graduates coming out of colleges today were not the graduates that came out 30 years ago, while Otto said a lot of the students coming out of beauty may not necessarily be passionate about being beauty therapists.

Mariza said the salons that did well in education were the salons that were pre-planning their education, while Lydia said it was important to keep an open mind, no matter how skilled you were.

Belinda said it was important to constantly invest in education, while Linda said she paired up senior staff with junior employees to improve their competency.

Mariza recommended using scripts post-training and identifying each person’s learning style to maximise their information retention.

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