QUESTION: In the current age of social media and the immediacy with which misinformation can be spread via the internet, how important is it for brands to offer their salon counterparts accurate and detailed, research-based evidence on product ingredients and their capabilities?

LEARNING: You must be authentic to your brand and your business. You must be able to deliver in your promises.

Gay said it concerned her that people posted images on social media asking for advice for about how to treat problem skin.

Kristie said it was important to be authentic to your brand and to your business.

Helen said with social media, everybody wanted the latest and the greatest and they wanted it now, which was completely unrealistic.

Donna said you had to be careful about what you posted on social media to ensure that it didn’t trigger a thread where people were throwing in information as it could be dangerous.

Sally said the good thing about social media was that it created conversations, but that nothing replaced the duty of care as service providers.

Kim said before and after photos were misleading as consumers could get blindsided by the Instagram influencers thinking there was a ‘miracle’ product out there.

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