Question: How has the research, development and technology from brands enhanced your skincare offerings? What do you predict will be the biggest skincare revolution in 2020 and beyond?

Learning: Beauty is encompassing a holistic approach with the industry realising good skin comes from within.

Rebecca Miller said her salon aligned themselves with companies that could help to develop them as therapists.

“We evolve with them and we’re continuously learning more things when it comes to skin,” she said.

Natalie Arakelian said with her salon’s brands, they were continually growing with their formulations.

“The brands that we have in our clinic all have their own in-house development and research,” she said.

Joanne Healey said people wanted results, but without having that downtime.

“With new research and new technologies, it’s all about looking at different ingredients and delivery systems that can still deliver those actives into the skin, but without aggression,” she said.

Emma Worgan said Dermaviduals had always been about taking an holistic approach.

“In the coming years we’re going to see more of that,” she said.

“Quality injection therapy and LED will be here to stay.”

Daniel Dickson said ‘inflammageing’, the concept of inflammatory ageing, was not always just treated topically.

“It’s dietary, it’s timeout, it’s mindfulness,” he said.

“Topical and internal pre and probiotics are going to be huge in the future.”

Jodie King said people wanted to stay younger for longer because they were living longer.

“It’s about educating and knowing how to manipulate the products to get the best results out of them and working with what you’ve got,” she said.

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