QUESTION: How are salons’ physical retail spaces influenced as interactive technologies gain momentum?

LEARNING: Technology should be used to enhance or compliment the personable relationship salon owners develop with their customers. Keep up with it, otherwise you’ll be left behind.

Paul Anderson said salons can input loyalty programs to garner trust with clients. You can show them that you know their specific needs, bring them in and let them try things.

“Your returning clientele are loyal and will purchase from you. If you discount product, what message are you sending out?”

Marguerite Capezio said what she’d like to know is how much of it would be repeat business.

“Are they looking for the next best thing?”

Emma Hobson said there’s enormous opportunity for the professional skin therapist to be both the expert and the influencer. Skin treatment centres need a shift in how they use digital engagement to enhance their sales and their business brand.

“People are driven by what they consider to be value for money. Plus, you have to touch the emotional heartstrings of your customers as well.”

Elysha Young said salons are starting to become a ‘third space’ for people – places outside of home or work where they feel belonged.

“Everything’s got to be so omni-channel and got to work together seamlessly as well; you’ve got to have touch points at every point of the purchase journey for consumers.”

Rosemary Hunt said salons doing well are speaking to their clients via digital marketing, an interactive website and an online store.

“I don’t see retail spaces changing dramatically in the next few years – I think people want to buy from people.”

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