QUESTION: What is the role of technology in today’s salon, and how are salons using data and software to drive and improve their business?

LEARNING: Embrace technology and optimise it to ensure you are taking advantage of its full functionality, measurability and analytics for your salon’s benefit.

Kristie explained Dermalogica’s face mapping app had streamlined integration with the therapist and customer, while Helen said technology had allowed her to track her clients and build up information about them, which helped her bottom line.

Kim said the client follow-up was a crucial step that had been made a lot easier with technology, while Sally said it had allowed as much information as possible to get into the hands of the therapist quickly and professionally.

Donna said it was important to choose the right software that met your business’s specific needs, while Gay said technology gave you the ability to keep a strong hold on your stock control and check staff were meeting their KPIs.

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