QUESTION: How our suppliers and salons best positioning themselves as the world embraces a more sustainable way of living?

LEARNING: A starting point is to reach out to the likes of sustainable salons and other authorities who’ve done the research in these areas. It’s the beginning of the journey of change and it’s going to come, sooner or later.

Marguerite Capezio said more and more we’re seeing our consumers wanting sustainable and safe ingredients and packaging.

“In Australia we’re in a drought, so even the idea of going to waterless formulations is something that is on the cards.”

Paulina Saliba said there is no guidance.

“We’re happy to do it, but where do we go? Where’s the guidance for it?”

Paul Anderson said a lot of salons are relying on the big companies to be moving into these areas first.

“The reality is most aren’t doing anything because most are so focused on just earning a living! As it becomes more cost effective, that’s what’s going to change it. Or these things are just made unavailable so you cannot use them.

Emma Hobson said big companies are very aware that they must lead the change, but that on a micro level there is a responsibility of every business to look after the impact they have on the environment.

“Dermalogica is part of the Unilever group who have pledged that by the end of 2020, 100 percent of all ingredients used across the board will come from sustainable sources.

Rosemary Hunt said consumers are seeking out sustainable salons, so anyone who is such is in a very good state at the moment.

“At Kitomba, we’ve gone digital with everything for our salons so they don’t need to use paper. We also affiliate with sustainable salons and gather funds for the sustainable fee, which clients are very happy to pay for.”

Elysha Young said it’s something that consumers are expecting of brands and increasingly expecting – that’s only going to continue.

“I really believe it’s going to be driven by consumers.”

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