QUESTION – What strategies can be actioned to boost a salon’s level of retail sales? For example, seasonal promotions, first time deals, complimentary sample size products, and how can collaboration with a supplier best optimise these opportunities?

LEARNING – Targeted sampling or value adding are the best ways to encourage a client to invest in retail products.

Clare said  clients looked forward to variation in the marketing calendar while Jay, Karen and Pauline spruiked the benefits of targeted sampling with a follow-up.

James encouraged his staff to use the products and to wear the products while Sarah said clients loved a little gift with purchase.

Watch the video at the top of the page for more successful strategies discussed.


Key retail considerations

Optimising retail presentation within a salon

Choosing the right retail products for your staff

Strategies to boost retail sales

Dealing with consumer demand for personalisation

Navigating a changing retail landscape

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