Question : What are the pros and cons of focusing your clinic exclusively on skincare solutions, and thereby overlooking other potential categories such as lashes, brows, waxing, nails, and tanning?

Learning: Good skin changes people’s lives, and is arguably the backbone of the beauty industry. Focusing purely on it can lead to greater business success.

Daniel Dickson said  you had  to know what you were famous for.

“The challenge is a lot of people don’t price themselves appropriately,” he said. “People get scared with skin because you see less people, but the average spend is greater.”

Rebecca Miller said you had to align yourself with other professionals.

“If you’ve aligned yourself with other professionals that are great at what they do you keep to your craft, it really works,” she said.

Joanna Healey said it gave you the opportunity to have  credibility in the industry to be a specialist in that forum.

“But you have to make sure  you’re capitalising on those treatments that are giving you the best profit in a short amount of time,” she said.

Jodie King said chose to focus on skin because that’s what she loved.

“People do take us more seriously,” she said.

Emma Worgan said when you focused more on one thing, you become the master of that trade.

“With skin solutions, you do have that opportunity to retail to your clients so it gives you that higher end dollar value per treatment,” she said.

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