Question 6: In July 2018 APAN launched their CPD program to encourage Continuing Professional Development. This initiative allows professionals to gain recognition in being qualified to perform their professional responsibilities. What other options could be considered to raise standards in a professional environment that remains unregulated?

Learning: Client safety is paramount and regulations need to be standardised to ensure this.

Jess Goldenberg from The Therapist Co said putting more formality around career progression from the get go, and aligning that with your performance reviews, is something that would be a really good way of bringing in some of those regulations in somewhat unregulated industry.

Otto Mitter from Ex-Import Niche Products said there could be benefits with working with associations.

Kylie Scarf from Vamp Cosmetic Clinic said there needed to be some regulations, particularly with device-based treatments.

Pene Timberlake from Syneron Candela said national standards were really important, certainly to increase patient safety.

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