QUESTION: What techniques could be used in salons to incentivise impulsive purchases? What guidance can a supplier offer in regards to optimising the retail presentation within a salon or clinic?

LEARNING: The design of your retail space, the presentation of your product and promotional calendars must all be considered.

Clare said when it came to a retail space, what’s important was first impressions, while Pauline said  you had to make it a very simple message, and very quick for your client to decipher what’s going on. James said it was all about interaction because every salon was different,  while Sue said you had to stay focused on what you really believe in.

Tanya said to not forget the star of the show was the product, while Jay recommended  getting back to bare basics – having a hero product and having six per year.

Karen said the design of the retail area was often a great opportunity and to design the space so it supported the natural behaviour of a consumer.

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