QUESTION – How does a professional beauty brand get a sense of solidity when influencing factors continue to change so rapidly, from the target market right through to the retail landscape to the competition and the methods of communicating?

LEARNING – Continue to be open-minded, with new technologies and the new opportunities, but stay true to your roots.

Pauline said it was important to stay at the forefront of trends by researching the overseas market, while James said he could never undersell the importance of the therapist or the manicurist and how much they were touch with their client.

Clare said  it was crucial to adapt to suit the clientele, while Sarah said it was about making that one-on-one connection.

Tanya said nothing was  going to beat personal touch while Sue said  you had to empower staff. Jay said to focus on  exceeding clients’ expectations.

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Key retail considerations

Optimising retail presentation within a salon

Choosing the right retail products for your staff

Strategies to boost retail sales

Dealing with consumer demand for personalisation

Navigating a changing retail landscape

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