GUEST QUESTION – from Tina Viney at APAN: Often new procedures have no recognised training standards. Should the industry set up a body or board with its own self-regulatory credentials? How else can we protect the integrity of our industry professionalism?

LEARNING: There’s no disagreement about the need for national standards or a regulatory body. Even though the industry would applaud this initiative, it hasn’t got off the ground yet because there are so many variables to consider.

Maria raised the issue of choosing a board that hasn’t got a vested or political interest, while Linda said credentials didn’t mean anything unless you were going to promote it to the consumer.

Tracy said anyone in the beauty industry would have an agenda, while Maree said she wasn’t sure if she wanted a governing body as it would potentially stop her from performing treatments in her salon.

Mariza said if people were paying a fee to be part of an organisation, salon owners wanted to get something for that, while Lydia said it could cause a lot more problems and a lot of unhappiness in the industry.

Belinda said she liked the idea of earning further certification through education, while Otto said it was important to show therapists how to use the products and machines correctly in the first place.

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