Meet our Industry Roundtable #2 Salon Owners

Get up close and personal with our four salon owners – Ivy Skin’s Kelly Dermody, Malibu Spray’s Stacey Manning, Swissotel Spa’s Suzana Ruzinov and Gillian Adams from Gillian Adams Salon & Spa – by watching their profiles below.


Ivy Skin’s Kelly Dermody


Malibu Spray’s Stacey Manning


Swissotel Spa’s Suzana Ruzinov


Gillian Adams from Gillian Adams Salon & Spa

Many thanks to our participants Tina Copland from Jax Wax Australia, Kelly Dermody from Ivy Skin, Cameron Campbell from Marque of Brands, Stacey Manning from Malibu Spray, Roman Garai from Advanced Beauty Australia, Suzana Ruzinov from Swissotel Spa, Rory Houston from Linda Meredith Skincare and Gillian Adams from Gillian Adams Salon & Spa.


Creating a great company culture

Maintaining strong, consistent management

How to drive staff loyalty

The importance of ongoing education and training

The increasing challenge of work/life balance

Meet our Industry Roundtable #2 suppliers

Meet our Industry Roundtable #2 salon owners