Marketing to Men


QUESTION: Considering the increased number of men’s skin care products – how do you see this market segment evolving over the coming years; both at the salon level via increased consumer demand, and the evolution of product offerings by beauty suppliers?

LEARNING: Apart from some inherent differences, all skin is the same. Treatments and homecare should be customised for each condition, regardless of gender.

Eddie said DMK was non-gender aligned, because “we find that skin is skin at the end of the day”.

However, they have done some specific male-focused advertising, including turning their enzyme into a ‘manzyme’ to create awareness.

Simone said more salons were coming up with concepts like man caves and there was an emerging trend of men-only clinics, but dermaviduals worked towards a clean packaging that was non-gender specific.

Olivier said on the global front, male skin care sales were still less than seven percent, but it was important for brands to give men cues that they were male-friendly in some ways.

Robyn said it really did come down to the marketing “because skin is skin is skin”.

Karen said men were loyal clients who didn’t follow trends, and would happily follow instructions.

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