QUESTION: Australia is renowned for its high quality manufacturing standards, but how can salon owners be confident that the research and innovation behind Australian beauty products is consistently as good, if not better, than cosmetic powerhouses such as the USA and Germany?

LEARNING: Australian professional brands, ingredients, innovation, manufacturing techniques and so much more are coming together to deliver what are world class products and highly acclaimed on the international stage.

Lynn Hetherington-Briggs from Advanced Skin & Body in the selection process of choosing a brand, she had to know the basis of the research and what access they’d had for their clinical trials.

Belinda Merlino from The Skin Clinic said she was guided by her suppliers and the information they shared.

Nicola Le Lievre from In Therapy said you had to find a brand that fitted you, your core values and what your brand stood for, but what was also important was transparency of what was in the products, how they were manufactured and the support of the brands.

Andrew Taverna from Artav Australia said the key word was transparency, and he invited people into their manufacturing premises all the time.

Maria Cocciolone from Inskin Cosmedics said there was always going to be the cowboys in every industry, but you had to always as a lokt of questions, and have really good relationships with your suppliers.

Carley Stewart from asap skin products said if a product was made here in Australia, and it met Australian standards, but was also being exported around the world, it was also meeting worldwide standards, and you couldn’t get better than that.

Mark Durkin from asap skin products said Australian brands we’re being recognised on the world stage, which was really exciting for Australian brands.

Donna Lee-Marcal from Dermatonics said costs were higher to manufacture locally, which was beneficial for the Australian economy.

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