Question: Tell us about the biggest challenge you find in the skincare market and what have you done to combat this? Consider how skin changes with seasons, age, hormones, stress and many other factors. How do you ensure your client’s regime maintains its’ efficacy all year round?

Learning: Taking a holistic approach is key, something that this industry is doing better now than it’s ever done.

Natalie Arakelian said one of the biggest conditions that her salon treated was acne.

“It’s an inflammatory skin disorder,” she said.  “When you’re treating these skins, you really need to be looking at the causes of the condition, not just the condition itself.”

Rebecca Miller said at La Bella, she invited her clients in every quarter  to reassess their skin care.

“One of the biggest challenges that we see is that people are self-diagnosing,” she said.

“There’s a lot of influencers out there, and people look to those influencers for information, and they’ll end up buying a product which most likely  is not the right product for their skin.”

Jodie King said the market had changed and that more people were buying online.

“The way that we deal with it is that we’re re consulting at every appointment,” she said.

Daniel Dickson said clients were presenting with gut problems and stress problems.

“It’s looking at all these factors,  and it’s about knowing who is in your allied group of medical professionals to work with,” he said.

Joanne Healey said consumers could have unrealistic expectations.

“We need to be educating them that it is a progressive and, not an aggressive approach,” she said.

Emma Worgan said it always came back to education.

“It’s not just about what we can do on the surface, but we also do need to look at the internal factors  and link up with experts in that field,” she said.

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