QUESTION: As history has repeatedly shown, leaving the executive suite to have children, can be a career killer, even in the female dominated beauty industry. How do we ensure women remain in line for promotions and career advancements?

Learning: Communication is key and there are considerations on both sides to ensure both parties benefit in the worker / employee relationship.

Heather Harrison from Advanced Skin Technology said when people were off on maternity leave, it was important to keep engaged with people at work, and that childcare was an investment in the future.

Leeanne Leslie from Alpha-H Skin Clinic sais as a mother of three, she understood the guilt that came with being a working mum, but the workforce had evolved to better allow women “to have it all”.

Mathew Green from Candela Medical said one of the most important things was flexibility when people were back at work because having young children meant life was very, very different.
All of the management teams at Candela have home offices so they can work remotely.

Michelle Doherty from Alpha-H A said as an employer of so many people and so many women, she could have up to eight women away on maternity leave at any one time.

She said keeping those jobs open for two years created a real problem and that the employer often was forgotten about.

Kaye Scott from The Clinic said she was happy to offer maternity leave in her clinic, but there needed to be honesty about how much time could realistically be dedicated to work.

Lee Tan from Groom Laser & Skin Clinic said running two businesses while being a mum came with challenges and needed a lot of commitment.