QUESTION: What are the key considerations when choosing a retail range for a salon, clinic or spa, and a supplier partner for the experience?

LEARNING: It’s crucial the supplier and the salon have similar values and share the same philosophy when it comes to skincare.

Tanya said when choosing a skincare range or a retail range, you had  to stay very true to yourself, while Clare said support after the purchase and education were deciding factors for her.

Pauline said as a supplier she wanted passion, commitment, and the salon to share the same philosophy as Ultraderm.

James said salons needed to be aware of how the pricing structure worked  and the distribution of the brand, while Kellie and Sarah said communication was important to them.

Sue and James  said you had to share the same core philosophy and your values had to align with the product company , while Karen said Ultraceutical’s was very deeply rooted in education.


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