QUESTION: The beauty industry is positively brimming with leading ladies that we look up to. Identify one woman who has inspired your career in the beauty industry and explain her influence.

LEARNING: Anyone can make a difference to the world in their lifetime, regardless of age, profession or location.

Tina said her greatest inspiration in her professional life would be her mother, who was in the manufacturing industry.

Carley said her inspiration was business partner who was also her mother, Leanne.

Sonya’s mother, who was an Avon lady in central west New South Wales, was also named as her inspiration.

Emma also named her mum as her biggest inspiration because she had always pushed her to keep educating herself and to keep training.

Mandy named two women – Natalia Michalun who wrote Milady’s Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary and Tracy May-Harriot, who still travels internationally for Priori – as being crucial mentors in her life.

Yvette named fellow roundtable guest and Asap Skin Products founder Carley as her inspiration.

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