QUESTION: Many employees work to manage the delicate balance between home and career, and when that balance tips, it can be a time of stress for even the most capable employee. What advice would you offer salon owners who need to address the ever increasing challenge of work/life balance for their staff?

LEARNING: Being flexible is beneficial to everyone.

Our leaders said flexibility was crucial to maintain happy, healthy staff.

Stacey said it’s important to “step back and ask yourself, 10 years ago, ‘Would I have worked for me?’,” while Tina said it’s all about “swings and roundabouts” and if you had a situation where everybody was constantly having to work overtime, either they were doing something wrong or an additional person was needed.

Suzana said she prides herself on her flexibility, while Cameron said it was crucial to identify everyone’s unique drivers.

Roman recommended setting boundaries in the job interview, while Tina said she has learnt to achieve a better work/life balance.

Gillian said she’d like to see the hair and beauty industry “get together and create an on-call service”.

“So when people are sick it doesn’t affect your business or you don’t have to ask staff to come in and cover on their days off. I’d love contribute to putting that idea forward to the industry.”

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Many thanks to our participants Tina Copland from Jax Wax Australia, Kelly Dermody from Ivy Skin, Cameron Campbell from Marque of Brands, Stacey Manning from Malibu Spray, Roman Garai from Advanced Beauty Australia, Suzana Ruzinov from Swissotel Spa, Rory Houston from Linda Meredith Skincare and Gillian Adams from Gillian Adams Salon & Spa.


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