QUESTION: Salon owners may offer training for their teams by utilising their own internal salon educators, plus the resources of supporting suppliers, as well as external training providers. Highlight the advantages of ongoing education and training for salon teams. How important is it for suppliers to deliver ongoing education and training for the staff of their salon?

LEARNING: Ongoing training is vital. But traditional methods of education are no longer as effective.

Innovation in the beauty industry was a key word that was consistently mentioned by our thought leaders.

Kelly said the need for staff to be current in the industry was very important, while Cameron said innovation would drive engagement, and hence education.

Tina spoke about the importance of technology, while Roman said we needed to make training as simple as possible, by implementing key words and phrases about the product into therapists.

Stacey said she’d love to see a supplier allocating certain trainers in their field to each salon, while Gillian said she had to constantly think of new ways to train her team of 30 staff.

Rory said: “What we’re moving towards is creating a community that self-educates. That’s the next step for the industry and that’s what technology’s going to do.”

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Many thanks to our participants Tina Copland from Jax Wax Australia, Kelly Dermody from Ivy Skin, Cameron Campbell from Marque of Brands, Stacey Manning from Malibu Spray, Roman Garai from Advanced Beauty Australia, Suzana Ruzinov from Swissotel Spa, Rory Houston from Linda Meredith Skincare and Gillian Adams from Gillian Adams Salon & Spa.


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