QUESTION: Which products, processes & educational programs should be deployed to accommodate a variety of clients from a broad range of racial, religious or cultural backgrounds with specific sensitivities?

LEARNING: Salon, clinic, spa owners and therapists have to deal with a variety of different customers, but regardless of who you are treating, respect is the most important thing. Respect needs to be maintained and communicated from the clinic owner for particularly new staff who are younger and less experienced.

Belinda said she was fortunate that she lived multiculturalism every single day in her clinic, while Maria said it was all about showing people respect.

Tracy said the client consultation card was a basic tool in the salon to get your information, to look at client preferences and sensitivities in the salon while Maree said it was important to respect each client as an individual.

Mariza said at the end of the day, you’re dealing with people, and you had to be respectful and love people.

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