QUESTION: Technology advancements via research and development are driving device capabilities forward at an unprecedented rate. How will suppliers further revolutionise beauty devices over the coming decade? 

LEARNING: The role of technology in salon is the greatest driver for customer satisfaction, for business growth, and so much more. Watch this space!

Zina Sebastian said Australia is a slower in adopting new technologies, so suppliers are getting onto it by using social media platforms, because whatever’s popular worldwide would be quick to come to Australia.

“To get our hands on a particular device may take quite some time.”

Shannon Wooldridge said we have to comply with The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and that it’s there to protect the customer in the end who’s actually receiving the treatment.

“From a supplier point of view, I don’t mind necessarily being a little bit behind America, let’s say, because we have to do our due diligence to make sure that the device is safe, and that’s really important for us. I think we’re keeping up.”

Dennis Cronje said there’s this absolute thirst for new technology… consumers are driven by it and industry’s driven by it.

“The advantage of [InMode’s] public offering was to invest in R&D, because that’s what we do. Where we’re seeing a big trend is in becoming more operator independent, and in multi-platform technology.”

Mathew Green said the majority manufacture devices that are derivations on very established, old technology, and that old doesn’t equal bad. Old equals established, researched, predictable, replicable.

“It’s important to not just jump on what’s new, because sometimes it’s important to buy something on the back of many, many, many decades of established, robust, and peer reviewed science.”

Rebekah Woodbine said she buys proven equipment.

“We need to know that we’re going to deliver the right results for our clients.”

Kate Melles said that there’s a few people that have been in the industry for a long time and are just getting into using some technologies, so they’re a little bit more apprehensive about doing the treatments, potentially due to pain [or discomfort].

“Other than that, I think everyone’s really excited about where the industry is going, the devices, and the research in technology.”