QUESTION: Highlight the importance of device training for beauty business owners and their staff in 2020. What do therapists struggle with most during training and how do suppliers overcome these challenges?

LEARNING: It’s important to consider the value proposition and to remember how important training is.

Zina Sebastian said that [the thing] staff struggle with the most is trying to know how to use devices accurately on different skin types.

“Where suppliers could help with this is to provide more models, more hands on. At the end of the day, we’re beauty therapists and we’re hands-on people, so we learn better by being hands-on. It’s simple – if you don’t train your staff, they won’t sell that service, and they won’t know how to operate the device.”

Rebekah Woodbine thinks a lot of the clinicians are coming out trained in a lot of the different modalities.

“What I have found for my own staff is that not all companies are equal… I think something that businesses need to look at is ongoing education with the equipment they buy.”

Kate Melles said that there are salon owners and clinic owners out there who pride [themselves] on educating [their] staff, and that’s really important.

“It goes both ways – the clinic owners have to want to allow their staff to have more time for training, because sometimes I find that, that’s the issue – they don’t have the time. So [distributors] can reach out to them to offer and provide more training.”

Dennis Cronje said one of the big challenges that he finds with clinics that we train on is the change of staff.

“… owners are reluctant to send their staff into additional training, so they train them in house and that becomes a problem. Some of the operators are excellent, but it’s time poor for them to be able to educate these new operators, so they start to operate at a level below what the initial training was received.”

Shannon Wooldridge thinks the value proposition is right.

“There are independent trainers out there that you could employ to come to your clinic and train you on any number of devices. If clinical owners realised how much this would potentially cost them, whereas manufacturers are offering this training for free, they should really be jumping at the chance for free education.”

Mathew Green said one of the things that has impressed him about therapists and his industries is the thirst for knowledge.

“[Staff] want to get training, but to allow them to have a payday, not in the clinic, and to go and invest in their own training… you’d be amazed how many businesses just won’t let them do it. Adverse events can have a terrible impact on your business.”