How to best deal with discounting


QUESTION: How can salons ensure they receive a good return on their investment considering that so many larger salons, particularly franchises, seem to be heavily discounting?

LEARNING: Discounting is a race to the gutter. Quality always wins over quantity.

Karen said research was extremely important, while Daniel said discounting created an expectation from clients.

Metro said once a client knew the value of the treatment, then the price didn’t come into it, while Bruce said working on the ‘wow’ factor was mandatory.

Kaz said if you were a stand-alone salon, you had the time to focus on quality of service, while Mathew said a business development team was crucial to identify each business’s unique needs.

Meredith said having great staff quality treatments worked for her clinic while Mandy said you had to make sensible purchasing decisions and that you never lost out with quality.

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