QUESTION: Culture is the way you think, act and interact; it’s what the public see, hear and feel about your business. How do you create a salon culture that is both rewarding for your team, your customers and for you? What role can suppliers play in supporting a salon’s culture?

LEARNING: maintain a professional, friendly culture though regular communication.

Gillian said it was very important to have a strong culture with a strong purpose that everybody engages in, while Kelly said: “It’s important to have good ethics and morals that can actually flow through to your staff, that then flows onto the clients.”

Stacey emphasised a professional culture was key, especially in the beauty industry, while Suzana placed pride at the forefront of company culture.

Rory said it was crucial to make sure the team within the spa were being supported, while Tina she fostered a family friendly and people-oriented environment.

Roman said “the culture starts with the logo” while Cameron said people “wanted to be part of something” and “didn’t want to turn up to work in an environment where they’re just a number”.

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Many thanks to our participants Tina Copland from Jax Wax Australia, Kelly Dermody from Ivy Skin, Cameron Campbell from Marque of Brands, Stacey Manning from Malibu Spray, Roman Garai from Advanced Beauty Australia, Suzana Ruzinov from Swissotel Spa, Rory Houston from Linda Meredith Skincare and Gillian Adams from Gillian Adams Salon & Spa.


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