QUESTION: How does your salon clientele currently regard Australian beauty products? Has there been a shift in Australian consumer perception toward home-grown products over the past decade?

LEARNING: This is the year of Australian beauty. Australian beauty products have arrived on the international stage and they’re thankfully being recognised locally for their quality, ingredients and value.

Nicola Le Lievre from In Therapy said business was based almost predominantly on Australian made and owned products because they catered to her clients’ skin concerns and because they were better value price-wise.

Maria Cocciolone from Inskin Cosmedics she used to underestimated the power of Australian-made, but not any more.

Lynn Hetherington-Briggs from Advanced Skin & Body said clients liked Australian-made products as they liked to help our economy, plus they liked the purity and quality of our products.

Carley Stewart from asap skin products said people were more environmentally aware and they didn’t want to buy something that had been shipped from half way across the world.

Belinda Merlino from The Skin Clinic said her clients loved the fact that she only stocked Australian-made products, as it gave them reassurance that they were buying quality.

Andrew Taverna from Artav Australia said we had the knowledge and the resources to make the best products, but consumers had caught onto that only recently.

Mark Durkin from asap skin products said they had to manufacture products to suit so many different skin types, which meant the product was very approachable to a world market.

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