QUESTION: How do you get your staff to focus on how beneficial it is for the client to have the right products and what role can a supplier play in offering training that raises the level of product knowledge for those sell on staff members?

LEARNING: Find out what motivates your staff and what they are fearful of.

Jay said accountability was key while Pauline said it was very important when choosing your product range  that you had a full understanding of what was expected from your supplier.

Tanya said the responsibility was with the salon owner to create a selling environment, while Kellie said it was crucial to constantly talking to client to ensure you were addressing their needs.

Sue raised the issue of therapists getting very scared of rejection, which inhibited them from recommending products, while James said therapists often forget their client trusts them.

Clare posed the question if you love the client and you wanted the best for them, why wouldn’t you be recommending products that are going to help deliver amazing results for them?

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