Cheap technology isn’t worth the risk


QUESTION: What are the risks involved in choosing cheaper versions of ‘big brand’ technology from China that have infiltrated the Australian market in recent times?

LEARNING: You get what you pay for. Choose quality over price.

Mathew said it was all about efficacy, while Kaz said service parts were the most important thing when looking at cheaper brands from Asia.

Meredith said it came down to having the confidence in the product knowing it’s a reputable product with clinical data behind it, while Mandy said it was a matter of price versus performance.

Bruce said it’s the same old corny cliché – you get what you pay for – while Daniel said copycat products were a huge problem.

Metro said you had to be able to operate the machine correctly and be able to read the manual, while Karen said the risks of cheap imports just weren’t worth it.

Watch the video at the top of the page for the full discussion.

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