QUESTION: It has been said that buying Australian also means buying into the Australian way and culture. What brand personality do Australian beauty products feature that sets them apart from others?

LEARNING: The depth of the brand personality for Australian brands is now stronger than it has ever been.

Donna Lee-Marcal from Dermatonics said Australian brands were generally, clean and green, authentic and transparent.

Belinda Merlino from The Skin Clinic said Australians liked simplicity and not long, convoluted skin care routines and that Australian brands fitted that brief.

Nicola Le Lievre from In Therapy said Australian consumers were getting savvier and they wanted not only value for money but also brands that were transparent.

Carley Stewart from asap skin products said they tried to keep their ranges as simple as possible and only brought out a new product when they had to.

Maria Cocciolone from Inskin Cosmedics said what she loved about brand personalities and Australian brands was that many brands had a face and that brand ended up becoming a brand that was manufactured for the people, by the people.

Mark Durkin from asap skin products said the perception of the typical Australian internationally was healthy, fit and good-looking which was why Australian Beauty was on a growth curve.

Andrew Taverna from Artav Australia said words that he always heard were clean, fit, healthy, natural and trustworthy from the international audience.

Lynn Hetherington-Briggs from Advanced Skin & Body her clients liked the sense of community about buying Australian made and keeping the jobs local.