QUESTION: Which device category do you regard as offering the best investment value to clinic owners in 2020 and why?

LEARNING: Clinic Owners will benefit most from completing preliminary research, including speaking to the likes of Cynosure, InMode, and Candela to find out more.

Dennis Cronje said that he has seen from the feedback and trends in the market that skin rejuvenation, body contouring and skin tightening tend to be the big trend movers at the moment.

“Any non-invasive or minimally invasive technology that will allow the consumer to reduce fine lines, take away pigmentation, generally brighten their facial features, neck contouring, and then [target] the body is, for us, what’s driving our business globally at the moment.”

Shannon Wooldridge said skin rejuvenation and body contouring are the two segments that she feels are set to grow the quickest in the coming years.

“There’s definitely innovation that’s driving that, but pop culture and consumer demand particularly.”

Zina Sebastian still believes hair removal and body contouring devices are the best value because they’re more of a long-term trend and have been around for some time.

“I feel that with the newer skin rejuvenation devices, the drastic change between the different devices is crazy; it’s more of a short-term fad and it can sometimes fade out to different devices quickly.”

Mathew Green believes it’s all of the above and thinks all categories can be valid, however the thing is that people need to look at what’s best not for them, but for their customers.

“My advice is to do some internal market research within your own customer base: what are your customers looking for? It could be that the demographics in their area or the ethnicity of the demographic doesn’t suit that particular device.”

Kate Melles said that from a clinical point of view and her experience in the industry, she’s seen more pigmentation, especially in Australia with an aging population and people wanting to have that ‘Instagram look’.

“The pigmentation and skin rejuvenation side of things is definitely a huge market and a good investment for a clinic owner, especially if they have the ability to have equipment or a device that’s multi-platform and that can utilise different things because a skin therapist doesn’t have one hat.”

Rebekah Woodbine said that it really depends on the modality used and what areas.

“With cryotherapy, for example, you’re just going to have a cryotherapy machine. However, with a lot of the lasers now we can do multi-platform, whether it’s pigmentation, hair removal, vascular treatments, wart treatments… it just goes on and on.”