QUESTION: Whether a female is Gen-Z, Millennial, or Boomer-aged, women overwhelmingly want to see themselves depicted accurately in marketing – because authenticity matters for female consumers. Increasingly campaigns prove that real women are worth investing in. What responsibility should brands take to ensure their consumers’ voices are being heard – and reflected in their marketing?

LEARNING: Our industry deals with real people. The marketing needs to reflect that.

Yvette said it was important to start portraying our social media accounts with real and authentic women.

Mandy said it was about being authentic but, in the end, we were all looking for something inspirational or aspirational.

Carley said fake ‘before and afters’ gave people false expectations and was damaging the entire beauty industry.

Tina said she was infuriated by brands that were cashing in on brand Australia when they were manufacturing elsewhere.

Emma said Instagram stories and Facebook live were great tools as they were unedited, live and realistic.

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