QUESTION: Should clinic owners be concerned about the rise of at-home beauty devices and their competitive threat?

LEARNING: While there is no obvious threat, this conversation highlights the value of the trusted and knowledgeable therapist who has experience to bring to the table, and the know-how to be able to use that product to the best of their ability.

Zina Sebastian said a $300 device does not compare to a $150,000 device and the energy output and the results.

“It’s the damage the clients can do at home if not used correctly… it’s more of a gimmick.”

Shannon Wooldridge said she thinks this reinforces the importance of the experience that a clinic offers a customer and that at-home devices don’t pose a huge threat to the industry.

“If you’re offering a great service and a great result [as well as] a great experience to your customers, why would they want to treat themselves at home?”

Rebekah Woodbine said it comes down to education.

“You have to educate your staff and you have to educate your clients as to what these different modalities can offer and do. It’s the old adage: you under promise and over deliver every time, and it works.”

Dennis Cronje said the energy level that you get in a home care device is regulated at a certain level.

“The compliance level at home [can be] so low.”