QUESTION: There are huge number of devices available for purchase. If a salon was looking to introduce just one piece of technology, what would your recommendations be and why?

LEARNING: One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a piece of equipment. It’s about having a bespoke solution.

Kaz recommended a laser hair removal device, while Mathew said you had to look at each business style and consider what was the best fit.

Mandy said she looked for the least amount of risk and her personal love was the Omni Lux.

Meredith also agreed that she loved her new Omni Lux and it had been valuable in helping her business grow, while Karen said she for a smaller investment she recommended the epiderma needling pen and for a larger investment, SculpSure from Cynosure was her equipment choice.

Bruce said short pulse technology was always in demand, while Metro recommended HiFu for its anti-ageing properties and the Q Switch Laser which removed tattoos.

Daniel said it was important to help his clients find their where their interest or passion was and focus on that.

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