Turning Up The Volume

Why volume eyelashes have grown in popularity. Why this level requires less maintenance. And four tips to keep your salon at high volume.

Your Dream Team

A guide to creating a highly motivated, engaged and successful team for salon, spa and clinic owners.


A step by step guide of how to curate beautiful content for Instagram, to stimulate engagement with customers.

Crack The Client Happiness Code

What do your clients really think? What keeps them coming back? We surveyed over 200 of your clients to find out the answers to these questions and much more to help you transform the client experience in your business.

The Rise Of The Lash Lift

Why consumers love it. Why salons need to offer it. And four tips to keep your salon lifting to new heights!

Overcoming Bad Business Habits

Whether it’s getting enough sleep to making sure you’re not underinsured, we’ve collected some advice from small business owners like you, to help you get those bad business habits out of your system.

Beauty Look Book 2019-20

Comfortel’s range of salon furniture and equipment to inspire salons. Includes salon inspiration and new furniture collections for beauty salons, clinics & spas.

The power of SMS marketing

With the assistance of this guide and some practise, you can start working out how SMS marketing can help your business reach greater heights of brand trust and repeat bookings.

Cyber security basics for small businesses

Did you know that small businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrimes in Australia? And in 2017 alone, Australia faced over 10 million cyber attacks? Safe guard your business with all the facts.


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