It used to be that customers would enquire about the best ways to deal with or treat particular skin conditions. These days though, thanks to the a heightened understanding of cosmeceuticals, and access to endless information, a recent study by Cosmetify has revealed that customers are now searching for particular ingredients and products.

Here are the top trends identified in the research.

Vegan and organic aren’t hot topics
Searches for ‘vegan skincare’ and ‘organic skincare’ don’t rate highly in the search stakes. While ‘vegan skincare’ clocks up 1,000 searches per month worldwide, ‘organic skincare’ brings in slightly more at 3,800. It’s a surprising result, given the industry’s move to create cleaner and greener products and treatments.

Specific ingredients are key
In the one-month period, ‘tretinoin’ was searched for 110,000 times worldwide. ‘Panthenol’ was also popular, at 68,000 searches recorded. In essence, customers are curious as to the properties of particular ingredients, proving they are researching their skincare before committing to purchasing.

Skin conditions don’t rate
Sure, the most requested treatments are those that tackle the ageing process or problem skin, but when it comes to customers’ own research, they’re savvier. For example, the term, ‘anti-ageing cream’ recorded only 570 searches in the one-month period, while ‘acne cream’ clocked in at 2,700 searches worldwide, in the same time frame, proving that customers are already educated as to which products are recommended, yet want to do their own research on those products, not the condition.

Customers demand transparency
According to the Cosmetify team: “As the demand for transparency in beauty increases, it comes as no surprise that consumers are actively searching out what ingredients go into their products and where they’re sourced. We have already seen the likes of retinol, bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid become popular ingredient trends within the industry, proving that customers are getting savvier with each and every purchase.”

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