The professional beauty industry has changed rapidly over the past ten years, and as we enter a new decade, high tech modalities and devices are set to play a bigger role than ever when it comes to client results – and in turn – salon revenue. To keep up with this demand, Professional Beauty Solutions, Australia’s most respected and trusted distributor of professional beauty brands including Dermalux LED, Lynton and Plaxpot, have now added the highly anticipated EPN Microneedling Pen to their device line up.  

Not just another microneedling device, EPN is the world’s first Electroporation and Collagen Induction Therapy system (CIT). With TGA approval for both the pen and cartridges, EPN is the only microneedling device that combines the benefits of dermal needling with the advanced delivery of electroporation for far superior results.

EPN micro-needling is a safe and minimally invasive procedure designed to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. 

The theory behind micro-needling

Micro-needling induces new collagen production by harnessing the body’s innate ability to re-grow and repair the skin as a response to micro-damage. The first phase of regeneration begins with the release of the body’s own growth factors as the response to the micro-damage due to needling. The growth factors then stimulate new collagen and elastin production. Finally, the new tissues remodel and new vessels mature producing long lasting skin tightening effect. The process does not involve heat or thermal energy, nor does it require the use of harsh chemicals, therefore skin will heal quickly without downtime.

How does electroporation work?

Electroporation is a technique in which an electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of the membranes, allowing products to be introduced into the cell more efficiently.

Its application to the skin has been shown to increase transdermal product delivery by several orders of magnitude. Moreover, electroporation, used alone or in combination with skin micro-needling expands the range of products which can be delivered trans-dermally. 

Why EPN? 

EPN is a new generation cosmetic device which combines the benefits of microneedling treatments with the optimised product absorption of electroporation making it one the best skin rejuvenation therapy in our industry. 

The first key benefit from EPN is the induction of collagen by controlled wounding. Collagen induction builds layers of the supporting intracellular matrix, promoting healthy, resilient skin that looks younger. The second key benefit from EPN is increasing transdermal penetration of actives, facilitating higher product concentrations in the dermis. This has the potential to make topical treatments more effective. 

With a bounty of skincare benefits, and when used in conjunction with FUSION Meso sterile solutions, (which have been designed specifically to be used for electroporation and microneedling treatments), 

EPN will deliver noticeable results in cell proliferation and cell regeneration, aid hair regeneration, improve skin texture, tone and tightness, improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, improve the appearance of acne, acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, rosacea and reduce the size of pores.  

As the needles on the EPN microneedling device can be adjusted to reach varied depths and the electroporation adjusted to 5 different levels, EPN is a safe and an effective treatment for all parts of the body and can be performed on all skin types and colours. You can also choose to use microneedling and electroporation together or independently. When the two modalities are combined the results are far more superior.

With three treatment options in the one device, EPN is a minimal investment for maximum profit and result.

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