A nail technician by trade, Monica Griffin had already branched into tanning when the trend was still in its infancy. So she figured it was up to her to find a better formulation for women at a similar life stage to her.

“At age 38 I started to go into menopause, and I found that when I would apply my normal tan I would feel so sticky, uncomfortable and very hot because my body temperature was running warmer than usual. I would get frustrated over this and the fact that my  tan would slip off my skin causing huge stains. I thought to myself, ‘There needs to be a setting powder like the setting powder you apply on your makeup to avoid the product slipping off my skin’. So the first thing I tried was corn starch – the good old home recipes! It worked a little, but not perfectly, so after this I was on a mission to create Tan Dry and the rest was history.”

Minx Tan was founded by Monica Griffin in 2010 after spending her early years as a nail technician and then branching into tanning when the trend was at its infancy. 

Monica Griffin was determined to create a product that was also suitable for women experiencing menopause.

Minx Tan Dry, an innovative formula containing organic ingredients and sun-dried clays which absorb any stickiness on the skin after you have had a spray tan leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth and dry. Minx Tan Dry also minimises rub off, smell and transferring to clothing. 

Just as self-tanning has progressed over the years, so has the Minx Tan brand. Originally, a wholesale spray tanning solutions business has transformed into a credible, in-demand, e-commerce store selling to both salons and consumers worldwide. 

Minx Tan Dry won’t slip off or stain clothes.

Caring for the skin has always been important to Monica, however when her father was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma Monica saw first hand just how detrimental sun damage could be. “Self-tanning empowers women to feel confident in their skin without causing long term damage derived from the sun, we wanted to make self-tanning easier to encourage self-tanning over sun tanning which is why we invented Tan Dry”. Tan Dry has two types of Aussie clay as its main ingredient, the clay helps accelerate the tan, reduces the stickiness and odour and allows women to wear clothes immediately after application and not to mention eradicates the discolouration to your bedsheets. 

Minx Tan is made by women for women, to leave their customers feeling confident and comfortable in their skin. 

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