Face Halo creates a ring light upcycling program and creates clothing with them!

Face Halo, the reusable microfiber makeup remover, has created a program to upcycle its used makeup remover pads into clothing with its recently launch Modern Merch collection (exclusively at www.facehalo.com.au). The brand has prevented over 1 billion single-use make up wipes from entering landfill since their launch in 2017. The Aussie owned washable make up remover pads each replace up to 500 make up wipes and can be machine washed up to 200 times, but it wanted to do more. 

“The UN says that by 2050 the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles given the growth in global population. Sustainable consumption demands cultural change. The best opportunity within the clothing lifecycle to increase longevity is at the design stage, as changes to design practices can have a significant impact on how long items remain wearable, design is key for innovation in environmental issues. We have to discover new ways of doing things and continually acting as disruptors.” Says Lizzie Pike, Co-Founder of Face Halo.

Lizzie says “Face Halo is passionate about eliminating single use makeup wipes with our commitment to #BanTheWipes. We also did not want old Face Halo’s to end up in landfill. From launch we have been asking our customers to send their old Face Halo’s and packaging back to us so we can upcycle them. We looked at options of how to do this and realised there was just not enough transparency in the market and we wanted to create a product where our customers could see what we had done with the ones they returned which would in turn make them feel good about making a difference.”

When asked what her hopes were for the program, she says “My hope is that by creating Modern Merch, it encourages more people to send back their old Face Halos and packaging. We have some fabulous ideas for each capsule drop – we just need more used Face Halos. All the details on how to return them in the UK, USA and Australia are on our website.”

She also things that sustainability is catching on with other brands already starting to do the work to make sure their products aren’t polluting the planet. Consumers are demanding it. “Definitely, we are seeing a few more brands now committed to sustainability and less waste. The more we encourage and support each other, the more we will see of this. Face Halo conducted a survey in the UK and 54% of consumers are now looking to purchase from sustainable brands.”

Modern Merch clothes are made with upcycled Face Halos and the OG collection features wardrobe staples including shorts, singlets, t-shirts, track pants and jumpers with the Limited Edition Collection featuring sneakers including Veja Tagmania and Nike Airforce One Racer as well as track pants, jumpers and a pouch.  

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