Smartphone technology has taken gossip to a whole new level, with an increasing number of salon clients sharing what they really think about you and your salon on their mobile devices with thousands of other users, writes Nadia Stennett.

Marilyn Munroe once said, “When it comes to gossip, I have to readily admit… Men are as guilty as women!”

To be fair to Munroe, while women are notorious for our love of a good gossip sesh, there are few men who’d be able to keep their lips sealed if the office suck-up scored a promotion over them, or a service provider overcharged. Gossip is much like eating and sleeping to us mere mortals – we can go a while without it, but at some point we’re going to have to give in and do it to feel human.

And with smartphone technology speeding up the rate at which we can spread our gossip and the number of people we can spread it to, it’s never been a more testing time to manage a business.

New data shows that Aussie customers are, now more than ever, taking to their mobiles to review services. From great meals to bad wax jobs, nothing’s off limit, including you. In fact, according to the latest data from business listing website, TrueLocal, beauty salons rated in the top five most frequently reviewed services on mobile devices, along with takeaway food, restaurants, mechanics and hairdressers.

From great meals to bad wax jobs, nothing’s off limit, including you.

The latest data from TrueLocal shows that consumer reviews via mobile have increased by 25 per cent in just 12 months. The most motivated group to review via mobile was 26-35 year olds, making up 57% of all mobile reviews on TrueLocal, followed by 35-50 year olds.

“Whether it’s an outstanding meal, unforgettable massage or just a great-value car service, Australians are more eager now than ever to make their voice heard,” says TrueLocal’s head of product, Bradley Taylor.

“It’s not just consumers who are on the move that are embracing mobile. We’ve actually found that our peak time for mobile reviews is between 9pm-10pm, suggesting that sharing an experience may now be a pre-bedtime ritual for many Australians.”

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